I work at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.  We are all really committed to our jobs because we know that the product we produce can save peoples lives.

My Background:

I had lived in four different countries (Turkey, England, Wales, and the U.S.) by the time I was ten years old, but my family eventually settled in Conneticut.

My Personality:

Always active… I’m not one to sit around!

My Style:

I dress for the occasion.  Anything from kicks to heels.

Favorite Game:

I love to play ultimate frisbee – but this is NOT frisbee on the beach, it’s a competitive team sport!!

Favorite Equation:

U+ME=US…i love my calculus

Job Description:

I work as a manufacturing engineer in the biotech field.

Down Time:

I like to get outside and take trips to the beach, lakes, or ski mountains.  I also can’t turn down a night of dancing to some good 80’s music!

Role Models:

The Nerd Girls.  The other girls’ motivation is very inspiring and always helps keep me focused on my goals.

On Boys:

There’s always tons around!  In classes and at work the ratio is always in our favor!  Not to mention, most of my friends are guys also.  As for one in particular…I’m gonna give it a few years before I start looking for him.